New Video Release-Virgins-Vows

Belfast shoe-gaze group Virgins have just released their new single Vows with a hazy new video to match!

Formed during Covid after a need to satiate a musical thirst, Michael Smyth and Brook-Valentine Lorimer joined forces to craft dream-pop and shoe-gaze songs with an alternative edge.

Released on all platforms from August 20th, Vows is an ethereal warning against being coerced into actions simply to appease the needs and wants of others, when these couldn’t be any further from your own desires. With a melody drenched in layers of fuzz, reverb and thunderous drums; a wall of sound is created producing a silky foundation for Brook’s transcendental vocals. Humming with a sense of regret, melancholia, and a desire to return to a more innocent time, this beguiling melody airily floats above a guitar sound that wails with a tone straight from Siamese Dream.

A great debut single that will find you happily drowning in a lush wave of sound.

Check out the new video from Virgins below!

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