New Release: Arctic Lights – Wanderlust

Arctic Lights released their fourth single Wanderlust June 4th, 2021. A unique uplifting Summer single.

Having released their first single King of America in January this year, closely followed by their debut EP Tabula Rasa, Arctic Lights have achieved global airplay, from America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Their new single Wanderlust is sure to resonate with most of us, given the isolation and travel restrictions we’ve all been through over the past year and a half.

With Liam O’Callaghan on vocals, guitar, and keyboard, and Edward Butt playing bass and guitar Wanderlust opens with gentle guitar strumming before the addition of distorted bass and drums feeds life into the track. Liam’s vocals are mesmerizing throughout, naming various destinations and describing the satisfaction of feeding the wanderlust, and the addition of Spanish guitar really adds an adventurous feel to the single.

As a thank you to their fans, Arctic Lights are offering an extended remix of the single as a bonus if you buy the track on Bandcamp as they say “after you hear it you won’t want it to end”.

Follow Arctic Lights on Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify to keep up to date with their future releases. These guys are certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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