Doctor Bua Releases Reflective New Single -Today Is Tomorrow

Since the release of his most recent EP Therefore I Am”, instrumentalist and composer Doctor Bua has been writing music at an alarming rate. Thriving on producing beautiful atmospheric pieces, the artist’s new single Today Is Tomorrow is a reflective and calming instrumental piano piece, with a contemporary tone to it. The first release from his upcoming five track EP Ripples, which is scheduled for release on October 1st, Doctor Bua has accompanied this single with a stunning music video which has been filmed and directed by Tima Miroshnichenko with editing by the composer himself.

Inspired by the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day, Today is Tomorrow reflects’ on the theme of repetitive patterns and cycles which ultimately lead to our demise or transcendence. Beautiful, bright but delicately played piano notes guide this introspective song, producing a soothing repetitive piano hymn. This unhurried melody runs with gentlest, softest and most sumptuous of piano chords, creating a little oasis of calm for the listener in just under five minutes.

 A composer who is undoubtedly in touch with his tender side, Doctor Bua’s new single, is a much-needed balm to coddle a weary mind.

Check out the new single below & follow Doctor Bua’s socials below!

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