New Release: Late Night Pharmacy – Relapse

Dublin band Late Night Pharmacy are back with their new single Relapse. Another fix for their growing fan base.

Relapse is the first release of two singles recorded in Dublin’s renowned Sun Studios, used in the past by Rhianna, Kanye West, and Sinead O’Connor, among many others. Recording the single was possible because Late Night Pharmacy were hand picked to take part in the 2020 TiLT Development Deal as part of which they received hours of recording time.

Relapse is an irresistible Summery indie rock tune. Opening with a wistful melodic guitar riff, the tempo increases on the introduction of vocals, the addition of percussion adds depth to the chanting chorus building energy until the rhythm peaks and drops back to that uplifting melodic riff for the following verses.

With Rob Maguire on leading vocals and guitar, Fionn Murray on lead guitar and backing vocals Michael Spence on bass and Jordan Swanson on drums, Late Night Pharmacy are up and coming and I’m sure we’ll hear plenty more from them.

Relapse is likely to be an instant hit, I can already imagine buskers covering it in Dublin streets and this blend of jangly, Midwest emo-inspired clean guitar chimes and fuzzy power-pop riffing is perfect for the radio.

You can keep up with Late Night Pharmacy on Instagram and listen to their releases so far on Spotify.

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