New Releases-Villa In France-Burned Out

Formed in December 2018, Villa In France are a 3-piece Indie-Rock band from the North Coast of Northern Ireland. Having gigged around Northern Ireland, these three boys have solidified a position in their local music scene through hard work and rigorous trial and error. Comprising Aidan Davidson (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Nino Morelli (Lead Guitar, Backup vocals) and Matthew Gillan (Drums). The band has become known for their loud punchy sound and high energetic live performances. With a knack for writing politically charged and personal lyrics from the honest perspective of a teenager, the group has returned with their engrossing new single Burned Out. Combining the tantalising sounds of Radiohead Phoebe Bridgers and Cleopatrick. The group has created a densely textured moody song that finds them maturing their sound and moving into new sonic territories.

Growing out of a moment of darkness, Burned Out deals with the effects of chronic stress. Opening with a melodic guitar riff that allows the vocals to take centre stage, this track builds with an impressive free-flowing melodic bassline and tight percussion. With this track, Davidson opens-up about his own personal struggles: “feeling that everything was temporary and that everything would fall out from under him if he were to take a breather from his busy schedule.” His lyrical prowess comes into play here as his soaring vocals describe the inevitable fall from the edge: “when it breaks, oh lord does it break, when it shakes, it makes an earthquake” The intensity of the song builds as the lyrics become darker. Layers of distorted guitars trickle in, flipping the switch as the band dive almost into the edge of chaos before shifting back to soaring vocals and an abrupt ending.

A single that is brash, with great layers of melodic sophistication, Burnout is an impressive single from Villa In France’s upcoming EP.

Check out the new single below and join the band tonight at 8pm on Facebook for a live gig with some excellent support acts!

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