New Release: Shaun Finn – Fallen Flowers

Shaun Finn is an Indie Rock singer-songwriter from Blanchardstown. A multi-instrumentalist, Sean learned his first instrument at 16 and began taking risks, both socially and creatively, taking up any opportunity that came his way. Having dealt with bullying, isolation, and mental illness from a young age, his music is his outlet.

Shaun has been working in the music scene for a few years, working as a photographer, sound engineer, event manager, as well as performing in musicals. He has also starred in a short film and has worked with The Coronas on a music video. These experiences, Shaun says, have served his creativity well.

Fallen Flowers is Shaun’s newest release after Live My Life, his previous single peaked at No. 1 on the singer-songwriter charts and 13th in the overall Irish charts. A mellow single that opens softly before the initial chorus breathes life into the track, giving it a new depth. Shaun sings honestly of his struggles socially and emotionally, having faced uphill battles in his youth. This is an honest single, relatable to many who have faced similar struggles with mental illness and social anxiety.

You can keep up with Shaun on Instagram and listen to his releases so far on Spotify!

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