Owen Denvir Set To Release New Single Redemption

Following on from the success of his album Stick, Stones & Bones, Owen Denvir has returned with his new single Redemption. What began as a fun song writing experiment to “write a Bond theme” turned into a welcome change of gears for the Belfast songwriter, who has dipped back into his classical roots to create a fully orchestrated pop/rock single.

Set for release on July 23rd, Denvirs new single is based on the PlayStation game Red Dead Redemption, serving as a “last gasp” for the main character and outlaw Arthur Morgan. Owens effortlessly sung vocals move fluidly over a sweeping, cinematic soundscape, establishing this single as a powerful ballad. A subtle western theme runs throughout the instrumentation creating a dark brooding atmospheric quality as Owen’s lyrics take the viewpoint of Morgan’s desperate plea for atonement from his life of violence, fearing the fate of both his own soul and the world that he will be leaving behind: “Have you gone beyond the veil? /And been judged for all you’re worth? /Did you buy your way to hell? /I swear that I will see you there, my friend”

A single that’s bound to leave a lasting impression, Owen Denvir has produced another outstanding release that showcases the depth of his musicianship.

Pre-Save Redemption now below!

Redemption – Owen Denvir (smarturl.it)

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