Owen Denvir Releases New Single-My World

With over 2 million video views, 200,000 streams on Spotify, and a wave of support from Dodie and Coldplay. Belfast-born Owen Denvir has proved himself as one of Irelands finest new songwriters. With his inspirational trilogy of E. P’s coming to a close, the artist has just released his new single My World. Taken from his last E.P Bones, which is scheduled for release on May 7th Denvir has yet again put his own spin on the indie-folk genre.

With the songwriter’s self-explorative new single, we find him digging into one of the most universal human experiences, heartbreak. Opening with a mellow finger-style chord progression, My World drops into a pillow-soft melody. Denvir’s velvety soulful vocals exude longing as he draws you in with a hypnotic, steady rhythm and soft keys. A soothing atmospheric production flows throughout the track, as sweet subtle harmonies join in the chorus adding tenderness to this melting pot of sounds.

Fuelled by loss, Owen Denvir’s lyrics take us through the aftermath of a breakup. The pedestal we put our exes on, the words of love and support from our friends, and the journey of realising that maybe relationships are like balloons if we put too much gas into them, they are destined to explode.

My World is a magnetic song that is a beautiful ode to heartbreak, showing Owen’s innate ability to translate and transform emotion into music. Check out My World now at the clicker below and keep an eye on Owen’s social media for more exciting news!

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