New Releases Dora Lachaise-I Confess

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring forth to thee Dora Lachaise. March 5th of 2021 saw the release of this experimental singer song writers second single, I Confess. This artist is the definition of an outside the box type of song writer. Her approach to music is 100% my cup of tea, coffee and Guinness all in the one jar… (feel free to vomit from that delicious image that I have implanted into your brain). Her approach to songwriting is to simply “make things sound different”.
Her workspace is an attic in Bristol. The view from her window overlooks a cemetery.
When listening to both of her releases, one could certainly argue a point that her inspiration comes from the perspective of her attic window. Personally, I would describe her work thus far as “dark avant-garde”.
“I Confess” is not your traditional formatted ‘intro – verse – course – verse – course – end’ type of song structure. This song is more like a ‘intro – 1 – 2/end’. Beautifully simple with a touch of elegance & grace. This song is designed using free flowing intuition and non-traditional musical structures.
Personally, I always find these approaches to song writing refreshing. Beginning with haunting harmonies, Dora brings the listener into a prayer introduction. From then on, Dora walks us through a dark corridor with the aid of her softly vocalised presence. This is complimented by eerie placed harmonies that are placed throughout certain sections of the song, along with industrial atmospheric slow-moving percussion. We are then taken away from the soft calm like vocal style to a higher register of vocal delivery, acoustic guitar string picking and a pad styled keyboard sound providing our ears with a soft blanket of dreamy but eerie ambience. The lyric content is deeply disturbing and is based on dark historical events. The lyrics resonate of the times in Ireland when women (children) were forced into an asylum for the purpose of nonsensical, abusive and inhumane exercises of redemption, all of which were exercised under the name of Mary Magdalene.
This song is clearly an artistic approach to giving the middle finger to those monstrous times, as well as an important standpoint of not forgetting. I commend Dora’s care and candour of this subject matter. As an Irish person, this has struck a chord within me. The artistic approach to such a dark time is simply inspiring, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from this artist.

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