Video Releases-Pete & Tom on Song-This Christmas

Pete and Tom On Song have returned with their new single This Christmas. Recorded at Floodplain Studios in Clontarf with Graham Watson, the new release from the duo is a gentle wistfully nostalgic folk song with a slight Christmassy vibe. Speaking about their new release the duo said-‘This Christmas’ is a song about realising that being with the one you love is the only thing that can keep the problems of the world at bay.” The two gentlemen of a certain age, have had a busy time since their return to music in 2019 releasing eight singles with the help of Aingeala D Búrca(ex In Tua Nua) on violin.

With plans to release more next year be sure to keep an eye on their social below for more updates!


Instagram: @pete_and_tom_on_song

Twitter: @peteandtomonso1

Facebook: @PeteAndTomOnSong


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