Shock Sorrow Release New EP The Heart Bleeds

Rising from the ashes of former metal and rock bands, Keith and Steff Caffrey have united to form alt rock/acoustic two-piece Shock Sorrow. With their distinctive signature sound of impassioned vocals balanced with poignant guitars, the duo’s distinctive sound has been gradually earning them a reputation as emotive songwriters in Ireland’s acoustic rock scene.

The group’s debut EP The Heart Bleeds showcases Keith’s genuine lyrics, which reflect on love, loss, and grief, while Steff complements this with rich textured guitar sounds and haunting harmonies. Taking us on a journey through grief, this EP is a beautiful murky catalogue of introspection.

Recorded, mixed, and co-produced by the duo in Steff’s Oirialla Production Suite, this fantastic debut EP is inspired by and dedicated to the memory of Aoife, Keith’s soul mate. Mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Mastering, Ontario, Canada where it stands proudly in the company of bands such as Kittie and Woods Of Ypres.

Check it out now below!

Spotify–The Heart Bleeds

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