New Releases-Soda Blonde-I Still Have Feelings For You

Following the release of their debut album, Small Talk, Soda Blonde are back with a special stripped-back EP, I Still Have Feelings for You, out on November 26th via Velveteen Records. Featuring 4 beautiful, never-before-heard versions of 4 tracks from the album which was released earlier this year. This self- produced release finds the group reflecting on their twenty-something experiences with refreshingly honest transparency.

“To put it simply, Small Talk is about life in our 20s,” says Faye O’Rourke, Soda Blonde’s enigmatic front woman. “Every part of us is in here, both subliminally and literally. Lyrically, this record is like a collection of my flaws and insecurities. They’re lingering awkwardly by the bar at a crowded social gathering, waiting to integrate with the wider world.”

Featuring sublimely arranged stringed versions of ‘Tiny Darkness ’and ‘Choices’, an early demo of ‘Swimming Through the Night’ and the title track to the EP, a single version of ‘I Still Have Feelings for You’.  This EP is a brilliant extension of the brooding sense of drama, melody and journey of self-discovery of Soda Blondes’ acclaimed album, Small Talk.

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