Video Releases-Elephant In The Room Release Acoustic Version Of Hollywood Hills

Elephant in the Room is an electronic/soul/pop duo comprised of Ireland natives Marty Mullally and Keenan Copas. The group has worked with a number of artists as ghost writers and producers, most notably Josh Gray, co-writing and producing his track “Come Home”, which has reached over 370,000 streams on Spotify. After college they moved to New York City, where they have honed and refined the sound we hear in their most recent single, “Hollywood Hills”. The new single from the duo is a personal account of how Elephant in the Room struggled with expectation versus reality, moving from Ireland to New York. From atmospheric verses and alluring pre-choruses to captivating and up-beat choruses, Elephant in the Room combine their production and vocal skills to craft their most dynamic work to date. This third single is a strong statement of their vocation as potential big hitters in the music industry.


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