Plastic Cowboys Release New Single – Time Is Feeling Inadequate

Westmeath indie rock band Plastic Cowboys are back with their latest single Time is Feeling Inadequate. Formed in early 2019, the duo has been expanding their sound with each release as they hone their DIY recording techniques and develop their chemistry as a band.

With their previous releases, embodying a punk sound, ‘Time is Feeling Inadequate’ is a step forward for the group. Cooking up an alternative, polished, and preened single that is draped in the band’s indie influences. This track finds the duo shuttling smoothly into the realm of indie rock. A dynamic punchy beat grounds layers of melodic guitars and a superb bass groove that gradually builds the single into a soaring alt rock track. Ciaran’s vocals carry a gritty raspy edge to them with the lyrics, capturing the anxiety of time passing us by while we are “living to work and working to death”. Speaking of the song, Ciaran explains his inspiration for the lyrics as: “This song is about the frustration I’ve been feeling towards an imbalance found in my life this past year and a half. If I were to have kept a journal, to save myself the time and effort I could have copied and pasted each day onto the next.”

Striking a delicate balance between retaining their punk roots whilst embracing a new sleeker sound, ‘Time is Feeling Inadequate’ is a fantastic single that showcases the group’s maturing approach to songwriting.

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