New Music Monday Featuring Little Thief, A War Within, David Long & Shane O’Neill, Cara Knox and Many More…

Little Thief

Hot on the heels of their recent single Freak comes the release of Under the Patio the incredible single from Bristol-based rock outfit Little Thief. The second single from the groups debut album is a raw, gritty, blues rock track that rolls with a quick tempo and a sound straight from the early 00s. 

A War Within

Rocketing through the airwaves with a vengeance, tenacity, and the ultimate anthem of the decade, comes the heavy hitting band, A War Within. The group’s new single, G.F.Y.S. (Go Fu** Yourself) is shot of non-apologetic, straight to the point, amped up ball of rage that will have you ever so slightly addicted to the Detroit groups restless energy.

Harley & The Wolf

Combining strong riffs, delicate harmonies and ear catching melodies, four-piece alt rock band Harley & The Wolf has just dropped their new single Lost Hope and Mixed Blessings. Taken from their EP Youthful Souls due out in October, Lost Hope and Mixed Blessings is a 5-minute alternative track soaked in anthemic forceful beats, riff heavy grungy guitars with vocals that maintain a raw melodic tone. It’s a great listen with an air of old school grunge to it.

Cara Knox

Norwich based, South African born Singer/Songwriter Cara Knox has been steadily expanding her fanbase over the last 3 years by playing at venues and festivals all over Norfolk and featuring on radio, namely, BBC radio. The songwriter’s new single Tom Walkington is an amusing splash of indie sunshine with playful lyrics, bright, lively instrumentation and a catchy singsong melody that bursts with sincerity and humour.


A hybrid electronic rock/nu-metal fusion, Nitroverts is the mutant baby of Belarusian artists Ars Nikonov (of Fury Weekend) and Yann Zhannchak. The duo’s new single What’s Going On bears the groups trademark fusion of electronics and modern rock guided by a powerful vocal performance from Yann Zhannchak. This track is a testament to the song writing skills and innovative production techniques of this great new act.


Vale’s latest single, The Sun Is My Filter, is cinematic in tone yet maintains a fundamental electro pop structure and atmosphere. Written and recorded over one evening with collaborator Steven Mullan, this single runs with dark lyrics and a backdrop of an upbeat electro/pop track producing an uneasy tone. This single is Vale’s most striking to date, showcasing honed writing skills with a production that pushes the boundaries without apology.

David Long & Shane O Neill

Irish underground music icons David Long (Into Paradise) and Shane O’Neill (Blue In Heaven) have just dropped their debut album Moll & Zeis, along with their new single ‘Earth Moves’. A contemplative taste of alt rock that throbs with sullen vocals, slinky guitar work and a great chorus. Perfect road trip music.

Ruby Moss

The new single from Ruby Moss was inspired by the people’s resistance to change, whether that be climate change or music. Written, recorded and co-produced by Ruby in July of this year, two weeks before her 14th birthday in Crookedwood Studios in Slane. Shades of Grey is another faultless release from the teenager who has produced an instantly likeable and toe-tapping track.

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