New Music Monday-Paul Callan,Callow Youth,Groom EPOCH & Many More…

Groom EPOCHSoft Explosion

A band that have been embraced internationally GROOM EPOCH, is a creative platform for former Church drummer Richard Ploog. Joining forces with fellow musicians Phil Hall, Brett Myers, John Hoey, Cub Calloway, with guesting from Amanda Brown. The collectives new track ,‘Soft Explosion’, is a remarkable shimmering blues guitar soiree, with hints of the psychedelic tones of Church.

Cathedral Birds4 Songs About Love and Disaster in The Year of The Horse

Songwriting duo Brandon Petty and Rick Baines from Sheffield decided after twenty years of friendship with many visits to gigs and festivals, it was time they made their music. Forming Cathedral Birds, the duo has just released their fourth EP carrying on their four songs series with 4 Songs About Love and Disaster in The Year of The Horse.
A superb collection that showcases the group’s rich pop song-writing talents, powerful vocals, and honest lyricism that dives into loss and the re-discovery of the self.

Pete Mac-Mixtape

Irish musician Pete Mac has just released his latest album titled ‘Mixtape’, featuring 10 tracks covering artists from REM to Elliott Smith. Collaborating with various musicians during lockdown, Pete and company put their talents to good use producing a great collection of covers that still manages to encompass the identity and energy of the originals.

Callow Youth Man In Need

Callow Youth epitomizes everything great about Brit-rock! After dropping 2 new singles, ‘Mad Machine,’ and ‘Bootleg.’ They have just dropped their new single Man In Need. The latest indie-rock gem from the group sends a message to the bosses of the world, who everybody throughout their lives works constantly to benefit. Examining the need to break free from the routine that stops people from fulfilling their potential, Man In Need revolves around gritty guitars, driven drums, and angst filled vocals. It’s a great song with an energy and intensity you’ll never tire of.

Jagged Baptist Club- Haunted By The Night

Jagged Baptist Club is a Los Angeles-based four-piece that live somewhere in the space between art rock and post punk, yet always with a pulsing groove and an eye for a melodic hook. Haunted By the Night is the third single from their second album Temptation Death House. Built around a menacing beat and a bass groove that recalls Bauhaus, or Public Image Limited, at their most paranoid. This track sounds like the Summer of Love steeped in acid. 

Iris Marlowe-Home

Iris Marlowe is a singer-songwriter from Chicago, Illinois that blends her love of 60s music with modern day influences to create music to get absorbed in. Drawing inspiration from the emotions that come with moving on from where you grew up and the acceptance that comes from time and distance. Marlowe’s new single Home is an instantly enthralling track that blends husky vocals with swings of tender instrumentation

Ruby Moss- Ruby’s Song/Invisible

14-year-old songwriter Ruby Moss has released her first single Ruby’s Song/Invisible. Diving into the loneliness she felt in school during the pandemic. The Dublin songwriter has produced a goosebump inducing piano led track that carries a melancholic sweetness to it. All proceeds of Ruby’s Song are being sold in aid of Jigsaw youth mental health and GoVegan World.

Sons of Southern Ulster & Pete Briquette-Turf Accountant Schemes

Irish underground quartet Sons of Southern Ulster and Pete Briquette (The Boomtown Rats) present their ‘Turf Accountant Schemes’ EP. This collaboration found the group re-envisioning and remixing four of the acerbic tracks from the band’s second album ‘Sinners and Lost Souls’ (2020) .

Paul Callan-The Chesty Crow

Louth songwriter Paul Callan has returned with his new single, The Chesty Crow. Drawing inspiration from Elliot Smith and Nick Drake, there is a raw, curious, spellbinding air to this song. Running with a unique and edgy tone, this record almost serves as a raw vessel of reflection for the songwriter. “For a while I thought we sang together as equals. I thought we needed each other when, in fact, it was I that needed him. This is my song from one chesty crow to the other.”

The Cloud Surfers-Magnets

Inspired by all the Music Gods of the past from the Soul bending Aretha Franklin to the Dimension-Shifting Led Zeppelin, the Heavenly Sounds of Freddie Mercury to the Dark Evil of Black Sabbath, the Rock N Roll power of AC/DC, and the calm sounds of Otis Redding and with a review from a highly suspicious music producer. Sydney-based rock outfit The Cloud Surfers have stepped back in time with their latest single Magnets producing a melodically hypnotic record that struts with a memorable guitar hook.

Find our full playlist below!

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