Emerging Irish R&B/Soul artist ANDI Releases New Single-Giving Up

Cutting her teeth fronting Dublin act ‘The Stoney Brokes’ as well as providing backing vocals for several acts in Ireland including ‘The Hot Sprockets’, ‘This Other Kingdom’, ‘Brona Keogh, Haokah, and Vernon Jane. Musician Amy Kelly has finally stepped out into the limelight with her new project ANDI. After successfully releasing Housewife, the first single from her upcoming debut EP Cedar Ward earlier this year ANDI has established herself as an artist that is set to make waves.

Her highly anticipated new single Giving Up is an affectionate nod to her influences of Tame Impala Jeff Buckley and The Pixies. Drawing inspiration from feelings of self-doubt that had been pestering Amy; Giving Up finds her wondering whether she should pursue music or let her inner thoughts sabotage her career. Opening with a heart-sinking vocal melody, Amy’s vocals dribble with a bittersweet tone as her voice glides above a tight funk rhythm before abruptly bursting into a dynamic chorus with layers of heavily distorted guitars bleeding reverb into the song.

A fantastic juxtaposition of crashing guitars and R & B. Giving Up is a great single that not only demonstrates ANDI’s musical prowess but showcases her ability to create music that can take listeners on an emotional rollercoaster.

Check out the new video below with the talented Julie Weber, directing choreographing and costume designing!

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