New Releases-TV People-Shallow Minds

Shallow Minds is the latest offering, from the ever-growing impressive catalogue of dark indie songs, from TV People. Brought together by a mutual love of alternative rock and post-punk, Paul Donohoe (vocals, guitar) and Brendan Clarke (drums) have been producing gritty, atmospheric tracks reminiscent of Whipping Boy, Joy Division, Editors, and Interpol since their formation in 2019.

The new release from the Dublin group explores the loss of friendship. With the group channelling the frustration of watching someone close to you change to a point where you can no longer relate to them. Speaking about the song, the duo said: “The song is about being at that point of no return with a friend and laying all of your cards on the table to try and pull them back to you before you have to cut them out of your life for good”.

An engaging song that’s artfully interspersed with subtle time and mood changes, Shallow Minds has a tense yet melodic introduction expanding with taut lyrics and edgy layers of guitars; the track develops into a bold chorus with Clarke’s drumming dictating the progression of melody. The vocals are monotone but expressive in their delivery, contrasting perfectly with the progressively moody soundscape producing an air of anticipation and suspense.

A fantastic single, measured and brooding in its musical and lyrical delivery. Shallow Minds, is a compelling listen worthy of a place on every playlist.

Check out the new single below and order the new five-track EP, Nothing More here.

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