Paul Quin Releases Be Yourself Girl

Today, Dublin artist Paul Quin released the second single Be Yourself Girl, from Paul’s upcoming debut album Life On Earth.

Be Yourself Girl is the tale of the relationship between a young trans woman attempting to find herself and her place in an increasingly fast-paced world. Whilst the man who is pursuing her is discovering and exploring his true nature beyond the expectations of society.

Opening with the smooth tone of a saxophone and the mingling of piano keys. The song builds from soft verses to a chorus, bursting with energy and the introduction of big analogue synth sounds and beats. With Paul’s compelling energy racing through the track, it reminds me of a song a fairy godmother would sing to a princess, though haunting the tone is uplifting and positive.

Paul has recently performed this song live from the Red Room, which was broadcast for Pride this year, along with SACK and Ailbhe Reddy.

To keep up to date with Paul’s future releases, you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify. Check out the Youtube video below, featuring documentary maker and actress Luka Keating and Wexford actor Fintan Kelly.

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