New Release: Zach James Douglas – Anyone Else

Tallaght songwriter and producer Zach James Douglas is back with Anyone Else August 19th, 2021.

The single is an honest take on the feelings of self resentment post break up, a single depicting his unwillingness to become something to anyone else after watching an ex transition seamlessly into a new relationship with somebody else.

Of the single Zach says “It is a retrospective comparison of the sentiment felt by both parties in the
aftermath, with a focus on the bitterness and resentment that I had to deal with. It describes my struggle to come to terms with how quickly she was capable of moving on and meeting someone new.”

The single opens with a chanting of sorts over a synthetic beat with hard-hitting percussion before pairing back to simpler twinkling notes, we then hear guest vocalist Manamon, a childhood friend of Zach’s, and lead singer of Zach’s former band Little One. The rhythm remains calm and settled throughout the verses while the beat lifts for the chorus really capturing the frustration behind the lyrics. The blend of natural instrumental notes with synthetic beats gives the single a unique sound and expertly captures the mood of the song.

The release of Anyone Else comes with the news that Zach is set to release his debut EP, 6×3, everywhere on September 10th. I’m excited to see what he has in store, what we’ve heard so far has had such a unique sound, he is one to watch.

To keep up to date with Zach’s future releases you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

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