New Release: Christine Sako – Seasoned

Christine Sako released Seasoned June 25th, 2021. A soft indie electronic pop love song.

Christine is no stranger to the stage, in 2009 she toured with the band Now Now and opened for acts including Paramore and Paper Route before she returned to college to obtain her Mathematics degree.

Christine released her first album in 2014, The Math Project, recorded after relocating from Minneapolis to San Diego with just one guitar and rebuilding her instrument collection. Initially wary of judgement, Christine would record her songs and send them to friends on AIM claiming she had “just found this tune online” … just to get objective feedback. When the feedback was positive, she knew she had to run with it.

Seasoned is a soft tune with a relaxed flow, a reassured love song. Opening gently with a soft electronic pop beat the verses describe the characteristics of the season she speaks of, with the chorus injecting energy into the melody and assuring “I can wait the season out with you.” Christine’s vocals are beautifully soft, adding to the gentle tone of the single.

Follow Christine Sako on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify to keep up to date with her future releases.

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