New Releases-Future Radio-Towards The Sun

Towards The Sun is the latest release from South African rock-outfit, Future Radio. This single will also be the first from their second studio album, Identity set for release in 2022.

 The song edges on industrial rock and incorporates many elements associated with the genre; including a metal-like guitar riff, distorted guitars, and a prominent synth line. Towards The Sun wields dynamic changes to a dramatic effect which supports the lyrical content that focuses on the difficulties of life and the unpredictability of what lies ahead.

 Johnny Future, the frontman of Future Radio, recalls that he wrote all nine tracks over two weeks in December 2020. “Towards the Sun was one of the first tracks that I wrote for the new album. We picked it as the leading single because we feel that is the song that connects the sound of the first album the best, with the more modern-sounding second album.”

Like the debut album, each track will be released as “episodes” complemented by artistic visuals and a narrative. Together, these episodes form part of Season 2: Identity. Future Radio co-founder, Drikus Roets, is the creative force behind the Future Radio visuals and animations. “The lyrics of Towards the Sun is what made me gravitate towards choosing it as the first single and the foundation to build the animation of Season 2. The lyrics set the stage for the first two episodes of our new season,” explains Roets.

In less than a year, Future Radio has released their debut album, Freedom, together with an animated short film of the same title. As part of their debut release, they also recorded three cover songs that formed part of what the band calls the Freedom series. Including a cover of The Cranberries, Zombie reached #8 on The South African Top 40 (Mix FM). If this is anything to go by, the future looks bright for this hard-working band.

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