New Release: Cavalier Attitude – Oh Wow!

East Antrim band Cavalier Attitude release Oh Wow! August 13th, 2021.

Made up of friends Daniel Graham on lead vocals and bass, Thomas Duff-McKenzie on drums, and Chris Jones on guitar, Oh Wow! is the first track Cavalier Attitude worked on once restrictions eased in Northern Ireland having formed in 2020 after they released Plastic Flowers, a brand new friend cover, to test the waters in 2019.

Work began on the single in Autumn last year and it was finished in November 2020, but with restrictions in place, recording couldn’t take place until May 2021 when the band could get the Halfbap Studios in Belfast with Graham Davidson.

Written from the perspective of Sid from Skins during his first encounter with Cassie, his love interest, Oh Wow! is an energetic, catchy single with punk rock vibes from the outset with strong guitar riffs and punchy drum beats backing descriptive lyrics about a love that seems impossible to pursue. Drawing influence from groups like the Ramones, Dead Boys, Story So Far, and the Foo Fighters, this is sure to be an instant hit with alternative rock fans.

Cavalier Attitude is a promising young band. I look forward to hearing their future work. To keep up to date with future releases, you can follow them on FacebookInstagram, and Spotify.

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