New Releases-Charles James Livingstone-What The Heart Needs

With the purveyors of electric indie-folk Lowlight Gathering on a short hiatus frontman and singer-songwriter, Charles James Livingstone has spent Covid marinating his own evocative and atmospheric blend of music.

Joining forces with producer and singer-songwriter Ryan Sheridan and ex-bandmate Shay Sweeney on drums. Livingstone has not only successfully released his first single Midnight Moon in March to critical acclaim but has moved further outside his comfort zone with his new single What the Heart Needs crafting a brooding piano-based single.

Hypnotic in its delivery, What the Heart Needs isn’t a song that’s wrapped up in the sugary sentiments of love. There is a heaviness lurking at the core of this song, with Livingstone’s languid vocals leading the procession of discordant wintery piano chords, ethereal synths, and rich rhythmic percussion that quietly ticks and swells like a heartbeat. There is an air of dreaminess to the melody, with the lyrics painting an emotional landscape exploring the needs and wants of the heart, even if it leads to heartbreak.

The second release from his forthcoming EP Patience and Time Livingstone has combined all the right ingredients to produce a great single that appeals to both heart and soul.

What The Heart Needs is available now on all streaming platforms! Check out the single below!

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