New Releases-Pretty Happy-Sluggers Bridge

After the whirlwind success of previous singles ‘Salami’ and ‘Sea, Sea, Sea’. Art-punk trio, Pretty Happy, has drawn on the rebellious tradition of Cork’s post-punk scene with their new EP Sluggers Bridge.

Released through Art for Blind Records, the group has sculpted their own theatre-influenced, all-consuming noise rock style that captures the chaotic energy of a Pretty Happy live show. Of the EP, the group said: “With Sluggers Bridge we have attempted to capture our live theatre-influenced, art-punk sound. We wanted to make this EP as interdisciplinary as possible, incorporating elements of spoken word and taking as much inspiration from the Irish stage as we do the Irish music scene. This EP is uniquely Cork, influenced greatly by the people and humour of the city.” 

Salami kicks off the EP with an oddly appealing tone. Fuelled by a thumping bassline and crashing percussion, this is three minutes of the weird and raw side of noise rock. There’s a natural ebb and flow to the song, leaving plenty of space for nonsensical lyrics and gritty vocals before the group erupts into a hurricane of jagged dissonant guitar chords. It’s a great opener that embodies the noise-pop sensibilities of The Pixies with the edgy rumble of The Jesus Lizard.

Followed by Sea Sea Sea, the band cruise into the quiet-loud-quiet-loud territory. Infectious thrashy guitar lines cling to heavy percussion and raw riotous vocals producing a great earworm melody. A superb track with a 90s kick to it! The highlight of the EP is undoubtedly Sudocream. This furious post-punk track drips with a rush of melody, fast-paced angular guitars, and a spoken word vocal line that’s bound to stick in your head for days. Speaking about the song, the group said: “The spoken word section follows the Cork-centric story of a girl ill from alcohol poisoning while she sits in the Mercy Hospital. Meanwhile, her other half sits across the road in the Franciscan Well pub (or Fran Well) sipping a pint and couldn’t care less. ‘Sudocream’ cures all, she’ll eat sudocream like sour cream to cure all her ailments.” A lovely chaotic sonic storm Sudocream is a no-nonsense track that adds a touch more fury to the overall sound of the EP.

The penultimate song Fintan O’Toole is a superb humorous spoken-word track reminiscent of legendary Cork group Nine Wassies from Bainne. Producing an offbeat sound, the group mesh together a ranting trippy monologue against a simplistic sonic kaleidoscope of swirling guitar effects. This is definitely the perfect ending for a fantastic EP that not only showcases the bands throttling energetic live sound but their bespoke noise-punk aesthetic.

Available to buy exclusively on Bandcamp while you can also stream the new single ‘Sudocream’ on Spotify. The band is teaming up with Art for Blind Records for the release of the Sluggers Bridge-EP. Fans will also be able to buy their very own Pretty Happy merch and cassette tape through both pages on Bandcamp.

Sluggers Bridge EP by Pretty Happy

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