New Release: Delacy – Rewind

Delacy released her debut single Rewind July 30th 2021. This is a beautiful and very catchy song, That demands repeated plays.

Delacy, from Dublin, won Hotpress’s songwriting competition in 2019 with her song Instead of Demons, which confronts the issue of mental health, as Rewind also does. With a decade of experience writing and performing music, Delacy has her roots in Pop, Folk, and R&B, drawing influence from varying genres and numerous artists. Rewind takes particular influence from The 1975, Dua Lipa, and Billie Eilish.

Set against an upbeat melody, Rewind takes on society’s introspective habits, living in our own bubbles, preoccupied with our own thoughts, and not really knowing what’s going on in one another’s minds. I particularly like the “Don’t know what I’m gonna do, don’t know I’m trying to prove, I guess I’m running from my own damn mind.“, it resonates with my year so far as I’m sure it does many others.

Rewind contrasts an upbeat melody with deep lyrics about social isolation making it a catchy single, while Delacy’s lyrics and vocals add an almost haunting quality to the single. This contrast represents the lack of awareness we all display regarding the struggles of those around us.

You can follow Delacy on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify to keep up to date with her releases.

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