EP Release-Bemendé- FTSH

Bemende releases her first EP, FTSH. A sultry, smooth reintroduction to her style following the success of her debut single Fine Boy, for which she won an award from RBEnt in her category for Female of the Year. 

Bemende is a Dutch-Congolese singer-songwriter. She began singing at a young age in church and took part in school talent shows and local festivals. After moving to the UK, she began writing poems and keeping a diary whilst also learning to DJ, but singing is her passion. In 2017, she began circulating the open mic scene in London and released her first single Fine Boy.

Of FTSH, Bemende says: “FTSH consists of 4 tracks, with the first 3 describing how experiences with the opposite gender have made me feel. Throughout my 20s I have had rocky relations with men, which often left me depleted. The final track hydration talks about having to hydrate to grow. I wrote this song at a time where I was going through depression. The consequences of many wrong decisions that I ever made had caught up with me. The song represents feeling trapped and stagnant in situations and wanting out.”

Opening with Fights and Feelings, a sexy, sultry track with a groovy bass line. Fights and Feelings speaks of addiction like feelings for a man and having to get over him. 

Next, we hear THROWBACK, a lighter rhythm with more of a nostalgic feeling, and a story of a relationship Bemende would have again if she was given the opportunity. 

The third entry, Soultie, has more of a jazzy blues quality to it, speaking of sleepless nights spent stressing over unhealthy love. 

The last track, Hydration, is a more upbeat tune. Written while suffering from depression, this is an inspirational song. It talks about dealing with black clouds and feeling like a fish out of water and the need for hydration to come back to life.

All together, FTSH shows Bemende’s diversity, drawing on multiple genres such as RnB/Soul, Hip-Hop, and House. While all four songs sound different and convey a different message, they flow together smoothly. I highly recommend giving the FTSH a listen. 

You can follow Bemende on Instagram and check her out on Spotify.

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