New Release: CeeV – Twenty Three

CeeV releases her beautiful new single Twenty Three. A story and lesson of the two perspectives of leaving a relationship.

Ceev (pronounced like leave) from Newry, Co. Down began her music career in Manchester, where she studied songwriting at IBMM. Initially reluctant to share her songs, she took a backseat role, playing in several bands in venues around the city. While performing she plucked up the courage to share some of her own songs on Soundcloud and found her confidence when she reached over 30,000 listens.

With her fan base growing Ceev started performing around Northern Ireland and even taking to the stage in Canada performing her own songs and some covers of some of the artists who have inspired her.

Following her successful release Lonely Night, CeeV saw the support of both UK and Irish radio and made her debut on BBC, she’s now back with Twenty Three, of the single CeeV says Twenty Three is a story. But it’s also a lesson. It shows two different perspectives of leaving a relationship. One might think it’s the end of the world but the other knows there is a future out there for both of you even though it’s apart.

Opening with a wistful melody, just vocals and light guitar strumming. The single slowly builds with the addition of piano, before the chorus opens into an optimistic rhythm with the addition of upbeat percussion. There’s a bitter sweet edge to the sound, CeeV has done an amazing job imparting the many feelings behind a break up. She’s a very talented lyricist.

You can follow CeeV here on Instagram and Spotify to keep up with her releases.

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