Bury Me With My Money Release Their New EP Titled – “Life As It Comes”

If pulsating basslines, gritty guitar riffs and crooning vocals are your thing, then Bury Me With Your Money will be right up your alley. Hailing from the west, the five-piece are following up their single Play Thing with their new EP, Life As It Comes. Moving away from the experimental ambient sounds of their debut ‘Karosi’, the band have drawn on their eclectic mixture of influences to create an engaging soundscape

Showcasing the groups much more defined sound. Life As It Comes kicks off with the fantastic, post-punk-tinged Level 2. A heavy 80s synth-pad sound dominates this track, as a magnetic rhythm lays the foundation for duelling synth/guitar melodies. The instrumentation mirrors the sense of harmony and tension that occurs when opposites collide. This theme is further highlighted in Concannon’s droning vocals as he sings about disconnecting from the inward and outward battles of modern life. Encouraging us to relax into the constant flux/strain of being. A great opener, Level 2 encapsulates the theme and sound of the whole EP with its subtle, gritty textures.

After this atmospheric intro, we transition into Primitive Beat. Mixing jarring guitar chords and heavy industrial beats that accentuate the Orwellian-toned lyrics. The group produces a fresh and satisfying sound that doesn’t compromise on displaying the band’s view of the unspoken behavioural patterns and routines we have conformed, too.

An unexpected burst of melody appears with Play Thing. An explosive track: this easy listen is a free-flowing, guitar-driven track with a dynamic, propulsive rhythm and a bouncy bassline. Droning vocals reminiscent of QOTSA soar over an energetic rock melody, propelling the song into an infectious chorus. A sarcastic take on how love is exploited and used as leverage in relationships. This song is a highlight!

Trainspottin’ follows, with its hammering bass tones, alluring rhythms, and vocals that assume an edgy tone to them. It has a tight sound to it, with the band’s trademark buzzing synths carrying a hook that’s bound to keep this song stuck in your head. Gritty guitars dance around Concannon’s vocals as they become more desperate as the track progresses. A song about hard learning and regret. The lyrics reflect how we can be lured into an unhealthy social situation in which debauchery is encouraged.

What I Got Ain’t So Bad is about attempting to numb the reality of our problems with addictions. Opening with a fat synth and a chunky bass hook, this song expands into an insistent melody that’s hypnotically catchy. It’s short, and sweet, but those lush vocals are mixed with tight funk guitar chords, creating a hazy, laid-back vibe.

The last track, titled Why, closes the EP with a stark yet melancholic view on mental health, and depression. Creating an opulent wall of sound with layers of moody synths, an ethereal guitar riff, and melodic bassline. This track has more of an atmospheric ballad sound than the previous songs, with Concannon pondering on whether we should embrace depression as part of the human condition. It’s an impressive ending to the EP, with a slightly dramatic tone to the instrumentation. Unfortunately, Concannon’s vocals seem slightly amiss—nearly too low for his natural vocal range.

Overall, Life As It Comes is a short, snappy EP full of infectious indie-rock tones, introspective lyrics, and an excellent social commentary that delves into Taoism.

This EP is a welcome new sound for the great Bury Me With My Money, delivered with flawless execution.

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