New Releases-Lonesome George-The Lying Devil

Following the release of No One But Ourselves in May, Belfast 4-piece trad/folk ensemble Lonesome George are back with a new single titled The Lying Devil. Known for weaving activism and social philosophical issues into their version of folk fusion, the group’s much-anticipated release is a reflective single examining the nature of belief in modern Ireland. 

Opening with a mellow low whistle that winds gracefully over bright tones of mandolin, bodhrán, and guitar. The Lying Devil gradually unfolds from its restrained beginnings into a stirring trad melody that shifts between bright and dark tones before slowly drawing to a close with a genteel reel (Palmers Gate). Soft, fragile vocals carry the story as the group create a soothing, earthy sound, contrasting the rich, evocative tones of trad with a modern and historically important theme.

Explaining the song, Songwriter Myles McCormack said…“Born out of frustration with the churches influence in the country, the song expresses a common philosophy among younger generations of atheism or disillusionment. The lyrics describe a scene in which someone is threatening hell and damnation (the lying devil) and culminate in the succinct chorus, “Hell, my hell is heaven as well…” in which the chords become suitably dark or light depending on the words. Whilst being essentially critical of the church’s role in today’s world, The Lying Devil ultimately lands on a tone of acceptance and compassion around how everyone is entitled to their own belief and interpretation of these indescribable things.”

A single that easily highlights the exceptional musicianship of Lonesome George, The Lying Devil is a gripping listen. This fusion of beautiful earthy rhythms, poetic lyrics and reflective instrumentation delivers a thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended listen.

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