New Releases-Larry Mindel-Whisper The World Away

In the last hour before the daylight

In your sleep I follow you,

Stepping lightly on untrod pastures

Where the ages weep for the morrow’s dew

Whisper The World Away is the new single from singer-songwriter Larry Mindel, following on from his well-received debut album of December 2020, Love in Troubled Times. The intricacies of Larry’s music are deeply ingrained in the musical education he received from the traditional folk clubs of South East England, and the dynamic harmonic progressions of jazz in London’s Soho. Elements of Steely Dan, Paul Simon and Laura Marling seep through his songs as his evocative music tells affectionate tales about grown-up people and their place in a complex world.

The songwriter’s first collaboration with Italian producer, Matteo Galesi (Ten Fe, Omahrose Frank Mada) finds him blending a lush tapestry of sound with warm vocals and a dynamic time signature. This captivating 3-minute single has a soothing sound to it, with the brilliance of Mindel’s deeply poetic lyrics taking the listener on the journey to adulthood and the discovery that fulfilment comes from the simple pleasures of family life. Fuelled by a pristine production and a rich landscape of strings, Whisper The World Away is an impressive single that beautifully depicts the labyrinth of life.

Check out Larry Mindel’s new single below!

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