New Releases-James Millier-Brighter Days

Author: Greg Fairley

James Millier has arrived with his latest single ‘Brighter Day’ which was released on July 2nd. Millier describes himself as an alternative country music artist. 

The track ‘Brighter Day’ is about how a break up which can make you feel so low can actually catapult you to making you a better person in the future. This is something all of Millier’s listeners will be able to resonate with. The song is almost symbolic to being a beacon of hope for people who are struggling to find the best in a bad situation or the silver lining in a grey cloud. The song itself is very well constructed with the drum and guitar complimenting his vocals very well. The final section of the song has momentum built up to it, then with an isolated period of the song at the end you can hear the guitar acoustically with his vocals which add a sense of sincerity to the track and an admirable vulnerability. A segment of the song which helps the overall track become cohesive and a fully released piece of music. The instruments have been utilised to the best of their ability with his vocals adding a nice element to it. Overall the song is a very strong song with a very powerful message that many of his listeners will love to hear and will relate to on a personal level, very well done James.

Watch the colourful accompanying video below!

Follow James Millier via his new official website:

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