Late Night Pharmacy Release Slacktavist (Normalise This)

Late Night Pharmacy are back with an energetic catchy single – Slacktavist (Normalise This). Filled with witty one liners and sampling nostalgia from Metal Gear Solid 2.

Rob Maguire‘s leading vocals and guitar, alongside Fionn Murray‘s leading guitar, backing vocals and electronic elements are perfectly paced and punctuated by Michael Spence on Bass and Jordan Swanson‘s punchy drumming.

This single didn’t need to grow on me, I loved it from my first listen, it’s one of those I find myself passionately chanting along with in the car. Full energy from the beginning and filled with witty phrasing and tongue in cheek statements. I can’t wait to hear more from Late Night Pharmacy, having listened to their earlier single “Too Late for the Rickshaws” I feel confident in predicting more exciting releases in the future.

The band credit the Department of Culture for making recording possible throughout Covid 19, having been awarded funding through the Music Industry Stimulus Package, affording them the opportunity to hire Aiden Cunningham to mix and produce a series of singles.

Check out it out below!

Late Night Pharmacy (

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