Owen Denvir- Releases New Album Sticks, Stones & Bones

Fresh from the release of his magnetic ode to heartbreak, My World in April Belfast songwriter Owen Denvir has returned with the last instalment of his imaginative and brilliant EP trilogy/album. Closing the series with his EP “Bones” which is released today, with this concluding chapter in the series creating the ‘Sticks, Stones & Bones’ album.

Speaking about the album concept Owen said …“The album and EP trilogy idea is based on Sigmund Freud’s theory that personality is a sum of 3 parts: the Id (acting on raw impulse), the Ego (being terrified of consequences) and the Superego (the balance between the two). The first EP (“Sticks”) deals with loss and delusion and the impulsive decisions we make while in the spell of ‘love’. The second (“Stones”) being a more confident but brash take on love, and finally, the last EP (“Bones”) is when you have the balance between the two, which mostly leads to more healthy relationships.”

This 13-track album features not only the acclaimed My World but, the introspective Ghost, the catchy Loud & Clear and The Lighthouse with its stunning melodic piano and almost haunting vocals. Unsurprisingly Denvir’s poetic and at times poignant lyrics are a standout on this album, even with the infectious and upbeat Stones From Paris his lyrics maintain the theme of melancholia and deep reflection that is deeply embedded in his work.

An amazing pocketful of songs. Denvir’s new album is a stunning collection of soulful emotions, engaging melodies and well-strung words that delivers not only some of his best work but an intimate and nourishing sound.

Check out Owen’s new album Sticks Stone & Bones below!

Full Track Listing:

1 Reckless

2 Ghost

3 The Lie That You Think I Am

4 Stay

5 Rewind (You’re Not The One)

6 This Could Be Love

7 I Want You So Bad

8 Stones From Paris

9 Like Nobody Can See

10 Loud & Clear

11 Summer

12 My World

13 The Lighthouse

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