Bury Me With My Money Release New Single -Play Thing

Bubbling together during the small window of freedom that was available in September Galway band Bury With My Money managed to record the follow up to their debut EP Karosi. Their new single Play Thing is the first release from Bury Me With My Money’s forthcoming record titled Life As It Comes. Moving away from the ambient tones of their previous releases, the group has produced a tighter punchier sound with restless energy.

From the intro, Play Thing is crafted around a seamless loopy synth that guides the track into an energetic rock melody. Blending together the sounds of the 90s guitar bands Bury With My Money have created a free-flowing guitar-driven track with a dynamic propulsive rhythm and a bouncy bassline. Droning vocals reminiscent of QOTSA soar over an energetic rock melody propelling the track into an incredibly catchy chorus.

On first listen, Play Thing comes across as a classic rock love song, about a boy trying to woo a girl. However, as we dig deeper, we discover that the song is about the illusion of trying to buy love or happiness through lavish gifts & wealth, rather than trusting the emotions and instincts we harbour in our heads.

Bursting out of the speaker in just 3 minutes Bury Me With My Money pull no punches with this single creating a groovy gritty rock number that’s hopefully a sign of things to come.

Check it out now below!

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