Auld Spells Release New Double Single

If dreamy pop undertones, reverb-drenched melodies and hints of the irresistible sound of Motown are your thing then the eighth release from Edinburgh outfit Auld Spells should be right up your alley. Released on April 30 the double single release from the group is a sonic treat with the band blending together a broad range of influences from Beach House, Neil Young to Nick Cave, and Slowdive crafting a distinctive psychedelic pop sound with an alternative edge.

With I Want You Back, Auld Spells have meshed the shimmering tones of Motown with the groups signature dreamy atmospheric sound. Melding together the groups trademark jangly guitar chords with a rock n roll rhythm and washes of chiming keys that ultimately dominate the track. Auld Spells have created a subtle 60s pop melody with Tommy Danbury’s distinctive baritone vocals contrasting perfectly with Michelle Vidal’s airy harmonies; adding some shimmering textures and depths to the song. An international effort, with vocal duties shared between lead signer Tommy Danbury who recorded in Edinburgh and Michelle Vidal (Spindrift, Linda Perhacs, FurTraders) who recorded her parts in Paris.

This unique collaboration has produced a balanced track that finds Auld Spells evolving their sound into a more imaginative and complex musical landscape. A song that engages the listener from the get-go I Want You Back is a captivating single that will loop around your head for days.

The B-side, Another Way, is significantly influenced by the 60s Rhythm and Blues scene. A Northern Waltz beat lays the foundation for what can only be described as the ultimate slow jam with a melodic lead guitar riff howling throughout the track. Danbury’s smooth vocals are a heady mix of whiskey and melancholia as his lyrics reiterate the end of a toxic relationship.

Drenching this single in loneliness and longing Auld Spells has stripped away their usual dream-pop pot of sounds in favour of a more organic blues-inspired arrangement. A great B-side Another Way is a naturally appealing track that captures the group’s authentic vintage sound.

Overall this is a great double single to immerse yourself in! Auld Spells have produced a nostalgic trip, with them producing some of their finest writing to date.

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