Paul Quin Reinterprets 1989 Hit A Better Place

A leading innovator in the Irish Electro-pop scene, the renowned Paul Quin has dropped the first single from his eagerly awaited debut album Life on Earth. Revisiting his former band’s BiaZarre’s summer pop hit A Better Place, Paul along with his present co-writer & co-producer Sebastian and the Dream have recreated this single as a modern orchestral pop song.

Dedicated to the memory of his departed bandmate John Boyle, Paul’s re-imaging of their 1989 hit is a classic synth pop single that encompasses the talented artist’s raw talents as a musician and producer.

Released through Russian label Scent Air, A Better Place is a combination of soaring vocals with heavy synthesisers that build over a disco drum groove. This classic mix produces a sweeping, upbeat sound that engages the listener with its powerful chorus melody. Coupled with Paul’s poignant lyrics, the electro pop artist has undeniably produced an anthemic vocal hit that deserves just as much love as the original.

Recorded by Greg Malocca from Eggobo Studios in Dublin, A Better Place is an infectious, yet moving track that is the perfect opener to his debut full-length album, Life On Earth, which is expected to be released later this year.
Check out Paul Quin’s new single below!

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