Review-Sandra’s Wedding Frame Yourself

Formed in Goole East Yorkshire in 2016. Sandra’s Wedding have produced a sound that embraces high octane power pop with earworm laden jangle-pop and painfully simple acoustic tones wedged between. Drawing comparisons from a broad range of bands including The Beautiful South, The Smiths, The Go Between, and The La’s amongst others. The group has been steadily building on their catalogue, exploring unique sounds that reflect their desire not to be pigeonholed as a one type act.

The recent record from Sandra’s Wedding, Frame Yourself, is a blend of alt rock brimming with domestic tales and hints of jangle pop. Opening the album with Can’t Look at You for Crying, this track has a timeless appeal, combining shimmering guitar tones with a Paul Heaton like vocal line. It’s a neat, lyrically driven track that’s made for radio.

Throughout the rest of the album tracks like Penguin Joke, Don’t Walk Away Reneé and Were You Expecting A Love Song? are highlights carrying the bands’ distinctive bright infectious melodies.

Lip Service, the sophomore single from the album, features renowned percussionist Gary Hammond. Exploring the heady mix of insecure males, mega pixel cameras, and an apparently captive audience. Easily a standout on the album, this track springs along, with witty lyrics punctuated by a crisp vocal delivery. The last track, Kicking in The Head of Loneliness, encompasses everything that is great about this band. An effervescent melodic riff blended with a sing- along chorus and simple percussion is a great way to end an album of local tall tales.

Although Sandra’s Wedding borrow heavily from the sound of The Smiths and The Beautiful South, Frame Yourself is likable confident album with infectious melodies and effortless charm.

Check It Out Below

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