New Releases-Bliss My Heart Latigo Canyon

Drawing inspiration from Bauhaus, Depeche Mode and Lana Del Ray French artist Bliss My Heart has put her own twist on the electro pop sound with her new single Latigo Canyon.

Arranged by Eddy Rateni and Damien Badey with mastering by Pete Maher (U2) the first track from her EP Palisades delves into the emotional turmoil she worked through after the death of her grandfather. Following her return to Latigo Canyon, the electro pop artist felt a wave of positive energy reminding her of the power of love and life which her grandfather has inspired in her.

A melancholic fog hangs over Latigo Canyon with hints of piano and stunning electronic textures Bliss My Heart’s lush vocals perfectly compliment the layers of percussion creating an impressive track that is a beautiful mix of 80s electro pop with a dreamy otherworldly sound. After filming the video in the stunning Andalusia Spain Bliss My Heart partnered up with the innovative Green Ticket Mx who will plant 1 tree in Mexico for every 150 views of the video.

Check out Green Ticket Mx at the link below for more information on this great initiative and the new video from Bliss My Heart.

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