Paper Tigers Roar With No Ghost’s Walk

Hard-hitting furious and raw to the core Belfast band Paper Tigers return with their third single the feedback-drenched No Ghost’s Walk. Formed in 2018 by Michael Smyth with Hayley Norton on vocals and Steve Henry on bass the Northern Irish band have been busy earning their stripes with them not only securing a slot touring with Life and Hundredth but receiving the Best Single Nomination for their ferocious debut single Gucci Smiles in 2019. After the release of their second single Flame in March, their third single No Ghost’s Walk sees Paper Tiger’s pushing past the confines of their own sound, creating a deeply personal track that has a more complex frenetic undertone to it. Opening with a cacophony of sound, No Ghost’s Walk  builds around a pulsating rhythm and a hammering bassline with the track driven by a raw, gritty, edgy guitar sound. With Norton’s emotive lyrics, “I feel the eyes of heaven burning down on me, sacred surveillance playing out as sacrilege.” woven around her melodic raw vocals, she adds an air of tension and confusion perfectly encapsulating the disorientation of sudden deaths. There is a radical shift in dynamics with Michael Smyth’s aggressive additional vocals adding dark chaotic energy that shifts the tone to a more unsettled atmosphere, embodying the depression and anger that remains after the confusion of grief ends.

Paper Tiger’s, No Ghost’s Walk not only gets to the bare bones of death but overflows with the band’s incessant fire and grit establishing themselves as a band that’s not afraid to push themselves beyond their limits.

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