Single Review NO:IR – Placebo

Like zombie Jesus rising from the dead, the resurrection of nu- metal has begun. Leading this mashup of high rising vocals, funk bass lines and distorted guitars are Bristol five-piece NO: IR. Formed in 2017 NO:IR has made waves in the underground music scene using their distinct blend of rap and metal to modernise the nu-metal genre for the next generation of discontented youth. After the release of their debut single Hive in 2019 NO:IR has returned with their atmospheric new track Placebo Released on October 16th. Packed with a soaring vocal line and ambient guitar tones Placebo seamlessly glides in and out of a hypnotizing verse that breaks unapologetically into a growling intense chorus. Bouncing between the quiet-loud dynamic the shift in tones add an almost ethereal stillness to the track with the melody perfectly reflecting the chaos and calm of NO:IR’s poetic lyrics.
With Placebo NO:IR has created a distinctive sound infused with the moods and textures of darkness and light creating the perfect accolade to bands like Tool and The Deftones encompassing the dense and darker side of the nu-metal genre.

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